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Mark has joked on several occasions that Jinyoung just comes to their parties to be a decoration, which earned him a slap on the arm.Jinyoung's mouth parts easily when Jackson licks gently across the seam of them, and the warmth of Jackson's tongue in his mouth sends hot waves down his abdomen.The compliment makes him go red from his neck to the tips of his ears, and he tries to avoid commenting on it.He doesn't know if anyone is watching and he doesn't care: he just wants Jackson to kiss him over and over, his mouth so wonderfully warm and talented, knowing just how to make Jinyoung feel pliant under his kiss.He has other friends, but he's never been a big fan of people that aren't Jaebum or Mark.Jackson looks amazingly adorable with his hands shoved in his pockets, head tilted up, blonde hair falling carefully arranged on his forehead underneath a headband. Yugioh zexal 137. In his life.He'd been so absorbed in talking to Jackson that he hadn't even realized, and this makes him feel worse..Jackson pulls away a little, nuzzling his nose against Jinyoung's cheek and chastely kissing him on the corner of his mouth.It's way too strong, tasting of some kind of horrible berry flavored vodka and a minuscule amount of sprite, but he hopes that the stronger the drink, the faster this night will end.The hand resting near his collarbones attached to the arm around is neck has a mostly-full cup of alcohol in it that sways just a little too closely to Jinyoung's expensive sweater for comfort.Jackson is standing in front of him again, a faint blush across his cheekbones that wasn't there before, and he looks mildly embarrassed this time.Jinyoung's eyes slip closed as Jackson kisses him, one of his soft hands coming up to cup Jinyoung's cheek.He can only imagine how red his face is, based on the heat radiating off it, and he closes his eyes in defeat. different.Both of these responses generally come when nobody asked.Jinyoung can feel the goosebumps as they erupt across his arms and down his legs.Did you know that people thought we were a couple because of these sweaters.Jinyoung turns back when he feels the boy next to him with the suspenders poke him in the arm.Jaebum doesn't know Mark's friends well either, since he's usually attached to Jinyoung's hip.One of his hands grabs Jackson's sweater, fisting up a handful of it and pulling him closer until they're perfectly slotted together, two pieces of a puzzle.The proud look on Jackson's face when he laughs is beautiful. Sansxfrisk Stories. Not that he's never met a Chinese person in his life, but he's never met a Jackson.

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He gratefully took the water and aspirins and noticed a little note next to them.The warm yellowish glow of the streetlamps reflected beautifully on Jackson’s white hair.He must have a sweet personality if he was that nice under influence.The student ID also stated which dorm he lived in on campus, which was a convenient detail.It was also the reason why he had to take the last metro home, at 2 o’ clock in the morning.Luckily, as they attended the same university, he wouldn’t have to walk very far from Jackson’s apartment to his own. Hinata and lemons. Jinyoung looked out of the window, hoping that something out there would feel his misery and help him escape.Jinyoung wasn’t playing any music in his ear plugs, but even if he did, he could hear this guy loud and clear.But with my ears, and the story has a melody.He walked along the sides of the room, guessing the person must be sitting next to a window.He carefully, oh so slowly, glanced to his side to see a guy, about his age, drunk enough that he should be worried what to do if he were to pass out.A one-bedroom apartment with a tiny bathroom and kitchen, big enough to stand in.He did remember that he was preoccupied with what the person next to him was doing.But he quickly found his keys, phone and wallet with everything inside.He then walked with him from the metro station to the campus apartment blocks, taking breaks every ten minutes.He had to remain in this position for only half an hour, trying to concentrate, and he’d be okay.He slowly got up from his comfortable bed, on his nightstand he found a glass of water and two aspirins.Jackson remembered getting onto the metro, but things were blurry.He got out of the building and started walking towards the university café, which wasn’t far from the apartment blocks as it was a common ground to meet people from the university.On the escalator he took a good look at him, what made him so special that he would want to go through this much trouble to help him.Impatiently, he pressed the button for the ground floor multiple times, he was getting excited.He was about his age so maybe he went to university too, which meant he would have to go to school tomorrow, too.He took extra long to do his hair and pick his outfit, whatever impression he left with the person yesterday, it wasn’t a good one. Fire Emblem Xander X Reader X Ryoma. But then an intoxicated character ruins this plan.He couldn’t get there fast enough, stopping himself a couple steps before the other male.But he wasn’t going to pass out soon as he was extremely loud.

Got7 Jin Tumblr Personnages Fictifs Twitter Log in Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog.Tumblr Chiots Log in Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog.Fade Away Summary Abstract fade away ?eclipse era: week 1.Yugyeom Got7 Jaebum Jinyoung Feu D'artifice Parc Jackson Wang Tumblr Log in Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog.Yugyeom Got7 Sens De L'amour Jinyoung Jackson Jr.Pinterest Explorer Se connecter S'inscrire Confidentialite. Kamikui for S10. Got7 Yugyeom Jackson Wang Jinyoung Kpop Pleur L'amour De Ma Vie.

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He pulls his hood over his head, pulling at the strings, mumbling.The stressed out one, in the midst of his rambles, introduces himself as Park Jinyoung; literary major who moved here to get away from the monotony of his old city and life, loves to bully someone named Kim Yugyeom, enjoys watching Descendants of the Sun and appreciates not getting lost on the bus.Though, sometimes the Universe does reimburse him for all the good actions he’s done.Jackson tries to hush him, apologizing and trying to excuse himself but finding no luck as the younger just kept whining and complaining.Jackson watches him slap himself in the head a few times before he slumps in his seat and sighs, staring at the ceiling of the bus.He grabs Jackson’s hand and pulls him off at the random stop, the Hong Kong born man with a confused look etched onto his face. Percy and athena make love fanfiction. He’s quick to apologize for disrupting the handsome man’s slumber.Always doing good deeds with no expectation of anything in return, simply doing it out of the pure and genuine goodness of his blessed heart.Sighing, he texts him a text speedily explaining how he’s currently in the presence of a prince and he’s about to make a move, negotiating and saying how he’ll treat him out for meat if he lets him slide just this one time.Jackson gets to be the cuties tour guide for the day.He shakes it off and pokes him again, the princely man slaps his hand away before he sits up in his seat properly and glares at Jackson.He wills himself to calm down before clearing his throat and straightening out.Saying things like, “and over here we have the.He curses at himself as the raindrops came down hard, with his clothes nearly soaked through and nearly guaranteeing him a cold.Thankfully, the bus had noticed him and continued to wait for him.On a typical day, he’d start it off by helping his apartment neighbour that was one of those cute grandmas who always found themselves in need of help, he would try his best in helping Bam with whatever and overall just offering a helping hand wherever it was needed.They melt into an easy conversation, forgetting the fact they’re on a public bus and their initial plans.Jackson laughs, wide smile and eyes turning into half moon crescents as they melts into an easy and comfortable mood.Jinyoung pulls the string that signals someone getting off in the next stop.He gently pokes the stranger at his side, causing him to grumble and make a pout that makes Jackson scream internally.So close to the bus stop, he saw his bus roll to a stop for a few seconds, he began to flail his arms and yell for it to wait as the doors opened.


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Jinyoung, relaxes his body into the couch though his stomach is taut, flexed as he waits for Jackson's next move.Neither knows who moved first, but they end up wrapped in each other as their lips slot together, tongues tasting each other, their hands wandering over the expanse of the other's body.Before Jackson can move away to far, Jinyoung pushes himself up with shaky limbs and presses himself as close as possible to him.Jinyoung's shirt dragged up to expose his smooth, pale skin, Jackson's blunt nails scratching down his chest down to his soft tummy before he fumbles with the button of Jinyoung's pants with urgency.He pulls up to suckle against his head, Jinyoung can't do anything but whine and raise his back of the ground, feet firmly planted as he arches.An end of Jackson's lips of tip up creating a tiny smirk before he leans forward to give him a soft peck on the lips, all the while his hand runs up Jinyoung's extended arm and grabs the blunt from him. Seta Souji. His hands quickly find their away to his bulge, Jinyoung moaning into his mouth as he began to stroke him.This is nice, they both think, it's nice that they can still laugh together while doing this.Jinyoung seeming unaffected, unconsciously pulls the other closer to him and sighing as they bask in the quietness and smoke.Trying to calm himself down, he tries to take the blunt from between Jinyoung's fingers but he quickly (albeit uncoordinatedly) moves his hand away; clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth, his lips melting into an easy smile.They collapse against the couch, Jinyoung running his fingers through the dark strands of Jackson's hair lovingly as he feels lips press kisses onto his chest, his eyelashes tickle his neck as he blinks blearily and feeling the way the puffs of air even out on his chest.Letting Jinyoung hit the back of his throat, trying to get as low as possible.Jackson, restless, grinds his hips down so their crotches can rub against each other.He thinks, but then Jinyoung is nodding and, he understands that he said that out loud too.He's about to apologize, tilting his head to look down to the other but his words caught in his throat at he sees Jackson simply smirk and shake his head before taking him again.I just felt like a fic where jinson gets high together was needed in the world but there are like none so i decided to supply for myself.Jackson can't help but laugh, his hips moving without his own accord and lips continuously meeting Jinyoung's.He moves his lips to Jackson's ear, whispering he wants to do—will do and voice low with want, promising him things before giving him permission to come.

With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 137 subscribers, 960 views, 2 comments, 4264 words.Tags 2jae nonau got7 yugbam markjin jinson bnior.Mark had a nice boyfriend but weren't we all slaves to temptation.Characters Mark, Jinyoung, Jaebum, Jackson.Characters Im Jaebum, Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Park Jinyoung, Choi Youngjae, BamBam, Kim Yugyeom.. Blue exorcist gender bender. Tags fluff romcom got7 markson jinmark markjin jinson markjinson.Tags jaebum youngjae 2jae got7 choiyoungjae yugbam jinson.With 8 chapters, 31 subscribers, 390 views, 4 comments, 17249 words.A various one-shot story talking about love and relationship.You can be swept away, by someone?s mind, body, passion, knowledge, wisdom, humor, and the way they make you feel.Characters jaebum youngjae yugyeom bambam jackson mark jinyoung.You can see someone walk through a door and lose your words.Characters Mark, Jackson, Jaebeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, yugyeom, GOT7, BTS, Stray kids, Twice, Day6.With 17 chapters, 61 votes, 670 subscribers, 26240 views, 320 comments, 54235 words.Tags imjaebum parkjinyoung jackson got7 marktuan markjin jinson markbum jackbum.With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 310 views, 4329 words.Tags angst university 2jae bts stray yugbam jinson twice.Mampukah dia menyesuaikan diri di kota sepi, Fixie Route.With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 102 subscribers, 640 views, 1 comments, 2408 words.Characters Mark Tuan, Park Jinyoung, Jackson Wang.With 11 chapters, 16 votes, 283 subscribers, 8440 views, 24 comments, 21727 words

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He muffled a moan on Jinyoung’s shoulder, holding on to the younger when he came the second time, just as hard as the first one, breath uneven, right hand pulling Jinyoung’s hair harshly but he didn’t seem to care.He smirked when he saw the other had closed his eyes, breathing already irregular.Fuck if he couldn’t come just looking at him, just hearing all the “good boy, you’re doing so well”, “you’re so beautiful”, “nobody can do this better than you”, “I love your smile”, “these hickeys look so pretty on your skin”, seeing that proud smile on Jinyoung’s sinful lips.Jinyoung felt when his nails dig on his back and the fingers intertwined in his hair pulled at it, his name leaving Jackson’s mouth when he came again, trembling all over, holding onto Jinyoung who also came after a couple more trusts.They didn’t say anything, didn’t need to, just stayed like that for a while with Jinyoung humming some songs and petting Jackson.. Code geass archive crossover. The Hong Kong native blushed under his boyfriend’s gaze, it was like he was admiring a masterpiece in a museum.And he did, came all over Jinyoung’s stomach and chest, moaning his name like it was a mantra.Jinyoung always thought Jackson was the prettiest person he’d ever met in his life, no matter what people said.Want me to bring some to you two too? — JB said while putting on his shoes.The younger one straightened his back and bit his lips, admiring Jackson’s perfect body shamelessly.He gripped his waist tightly, thumbs going under the waistband of his boxers, grinding against him still fully clothed.He needed to know what happened during his time in China to help his boyfriend.He hid himself on his neck trying to calm down, hugging the other boy tightly.He fastened his pace, tugging Jackson’s cock at the same time, nail digging his slit lightly, his walls tightening around him.He kissed his temple, speaking with a voice so soft Jackson could melt.He watched as Jackson’s face contorted once again, a really loud moan scaping his lips as he came on his own stomach and Jinyoung’s hand.He hugged Jinyoung’s waist with his legs, his arms resting at his side again.He let out a sigh, still looking at their joined hands and whispering something the korean boy couldn’t understand.He pulled out but his hand never stopped moving, he kept masturbating Jackson at a fast pace.He reached the sliding doors and spotted his boyfriend lying on the mattress while watching some action movie.The last piece of clothing on Jackson’s body was thrown on the floor, Jinyoung’s lips were back on his skin, kissing his lower stomach and purposefully missing his cock, going down to his thighs biting and sucking harshly, leaving dark purple marks.


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He couldn’t afford even letting his clean reputation drop along with his grades.Muttering profanities to himself, Jinyoung ignored the vibration ringing inside his faux leather messenger bag, only gripping the handle tighter than necessary.Jinyoung had been studying for about roughly five hours straight, and he started to almost feel his brain being fried. “I love you, you nerd,” Jackson said in the midst of their comfortable silence, and Jinyoung’s soft chewing.Jinyoung immediately made a beeline for the door, not even bothering looking at the peep hole for he knew that absurd knocking pattern to figure out it was his boyfriend.But Jackson got lucky. Red vs blue fanfiction tex and wash. He decided it was enough, and began organizing the contents of his messenger bag as well as cleaning his study area before doing his nightly routine.Jinyoung’s mind is still distracted with the thoughts of not passing his exam enough for his pride to be satisfied, and he debated whether or not to call Jackson for reassurance as he was usually good at saving him from situations like so.” “Do you want to talk about it?” Jackson prompted, grazing his thumb over the curve of Jinyoung’s legs.Remembering the incident, Jinyoung further sunk his head as deep as he could into the table, only wounding the side of his forehead in the process. I’ll text you later,” Jinyoung’s tone was firm, and Jackson didn’t have a choice but to release his grip and watch him go without getting even just a quick peck on his cheek.” He doubtedly aimed for Jackson’s mouth, still unsure whether they were in good terms or not.


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It was the perfect view: milky skin dampened with a sheen of sweat bent over in front of him, voice begging for more as the only sound echoing in the metal box of the vehicle was skin on skin.As he watched Jinyoung remain sprawled back against the box that had no business being the first place they should have fucked, Jackson took the initiative to go up to the compartment from which Jinyoung pulled his supplies, finding a stack of napkins he brought over to clean Jinyoung up.The truck had to be one of the least romantic settings for his confession, but Jackson had to make his move as he usually did, swallowing deeply before clearing his throat..It was unlike him to pursue someone so heavily when it had only been a brief connection; usually Jackson was good at letting go or reconnecting wherever time and space took him.Pulling out to a dissatisfied whine from Jinyoung, Jackson quieted him with a kiss mumbling to turn around and bend over the box instead, the other man complying easily. Jadesprite. Without you, I would post nothing and I wouldn't be here today.Needing to switch up the angle again, Jackson paused only to move Jinyoung back to their original position, this time holding both of Jinyoung’s legs back completely pounding into him harder than ever before.It wasn’t romantic and it wasn’t ideal, but it felt like a dream come true, Jackson groaning as he held onto Jinyoung’s slim sides, holding him into place as he practically fucked him into the box, no longer caring what bodily fluids might accidentally leave permanent damage to the outside.


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He had taken Jinyoung’s straight forwardness as a good sign, and so Jackson did all the talking and Jinyoung did all the listening; the former brimming with pure joy while the latter trying his hardest not to slap the shit out of the wide eyed man before him, exposing such vulnerability even Jinyoung didn’t know he had—asking, demanding Jackson of his reasons; reasons he couldn’t even justify but needed some answers anyway.The glass enclosed on both of his hands, Jackson focused on its emptiness while answering softly, “Eleven thirty?” Jackson swore he heard a light chuckle as Jinyoung sits facing him.He just did, and it became one of the main reasons of him losing his Zs.But Jinyoung had quite forgotten how naturally affectionate the man he’s formed a confusing crush on was, especially to them.Jackson sensed his resistance, of course, and used his other hand to maneuver the younger’s face directly looking into him, tracing the outline of his hardened jaw; kissing the sharpness airily; stopping to where just the inch of their pink parted lips meet, waiting patiently as the two of them indulge in the presence of each other—no rowdy boys, no screaming fans.Stupid because he denied everything he had starting feeling for the man, ashamed because he continued denying the blossoming affection he had felt for the man, guilty because he let it happen for too long—long enough for Jinyoung not to tell him to rethink his decisions of moving out; long enough for Jinyoung not to cherish the last few days of Jackson living in the same roof by confessing his feelings; long enough for Jackson not to be able to stop denying that Jinyoung wasn’t like the other guys to him. A Spencer Reid one shot.


A random and sudden impulse forced Jinyoung to open his eyes and he was met by a look that weakened his knees.It will be their secret, so that only Jinyoung will know the moments that they had together; no one else.Prove it season two Investigation I couldn't not right about this I saw the oppurtunity and i took it.With Jackson inside of him, close to him, kissing him, Jinyoung finally realized that he didn't want to keep it a secret anymore.Once inside the room, Jackson pinned Jinyoung against one of the wooden walls.This was what Jinyoung had wanted; this closeness. Sister orgasm. Jinyoung's smile was wide and goofy as the wine they had earlier made his head feel lighter and Jackson's touches feel hotter.He had a dead body on his hands and the kid's behavior was concerning.Jinyoung recommended that he lie down and Jackson agreed, placing a warm cloth on his stomach and covering himself with the comforter.Jinyoung scratched at Jackson's bare back for something to hold onto as Jackson grinded against him on the wall.Suddenly, Jackson winced hard and dropped Jinyoung back onto the floor before grasping onto his stomach.When more than a few seconds passed, Jinyoung slowly began to realize that they were nothing but casual sex partners and that he had just made everything awkward.He wanted to be able to tell his friends and his family, and hold Jackson's hand in public, and go out to dinner, not as colleagues, but as a couple.The past three years in this hidden relationship with Jackson was exhilarating.

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